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AirForces Monthly from June 2016

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In the June issue of AirForces Monthly (AFM), we look at the USAF’s superbase in the UK – RAF Lakenheath. Alan Warnes visits the F-15E Strike Eagle squadrons, whose crews have been on the frontline in the fight against the Taliban and Daesh.

Alexander Mladenov provides and overview of Russian helicopter operations over Syria, which has witnessed Ka-52 Hokums, Mi-8 Hips, Mi-24 Hinds and Mi-28 Havocs conducting daily strike missions against those that oppose the Syrian leadership.

The Ukrainian Air Force is finally getting its fighter force together with the entry into service of refurbished MiG-29s and Su-24s. Vladimir Trendafilovski analyses the strike aircraft operating from Kul’bakino Air Base.

Are the United Kingdom’s armed forces short of aircrew? Tim Ripley asks the question and explains how changes now taking place within training command look set to introduce pilots to sophisticated digital cockpits far earlier.

When the Mirage F1 was withdrawn from the French Air Force in 2014, the Mirage 2000 became the force’s veteran fighter. Thanks to continuous investment, it remains a lethal and potent combat asset. Henri-Pierre Grolleau explains this how the remarkable ‘delta’ is holding its own on the frontline.

Part Two of our European Fighter Survey 2016 looks at Germany to Portugal describing their Orbat and how some nations are struggling to cope, while others are investing in the latest fifth generation fighters.

As always, AFM’s Dave Allport brings you the latest military aviation news from around the world.

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