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Flyer from December 2015

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This month in FLYER, Ian Seager flies a beautiful homebuilt example of a Jodel Mascaret and finds an aircraft that he reckons is about as perfect as it gets in the world of fun-flying two-seaters, thanks to it being comfortable, frugal, with with great handling. Elsewhere, Ed Hicks pays a visit to the National Championship Air Races held at Reno, Nevada and finds a growing field of kitplane racers where once there were lots of modified warbirds. Our first solo feature catches up with Red Bull Helicopter aerobatic ace Chuck Aaron, while the Flying Adventure sees a group of intrepid helicopter pilots on an epic 4,000 mile VFR mission to Moscow.

A thin, seemingly innocuous layer of frost can ruin a wing’s performance. In Accident Analysis Joe Fournier explains when and where to both look and feel for frost, and how to remove it, while Jerry Parr suggests that by planning ahead with your engineers can help your aircraft spend more time in the sky and less in the hangar. In Top Gear, Paul Kiddell tries a new ‘nano-technology’ surface protection system – will it deliver more than high tech-words though? With all this, plus the chance to save £46 in landing fees, the latest news, comment and much more – it’s easy to see why FLYER is the brightest and most-read GA title in the UK!

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