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FLYER from January 2016

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This month in FLYER, Ken Scott flies the sole surviving Mono Aircraft MonoCoach. A fantastic Wright Whirlwind radial-powered 4-seat gentleman’s carriage from the 1920s, that’s rumoured to have had Howard Hughes once take its controls. Elsewhere, Udo Leinhäuser selects seven great destinations for FLYER readers from his own 192-page pilot’s guide to the best of California, and Ian Seager flies the big-booted tough Diamond DA40 Tundra Star. Our first solo feature catches up with retiring Red Bull Air Race ace Paul Bonhomme, while the Flying Adventure heads off to the Canaries in a PA-32R following some family history.

In Accident Analysis Joe Fournier looks at four classes of accidents that have their origins in preflight and are easily preventable, and asks, how do we get it wrong when preflight is one of the few times when we have all the time we need to get it right. Jerry Parr offers some advice on Propeller care and maintenance, while in Top Gear, Ed Hicks tries the new VIRB XE action camera from Garmin. With all this, plus the chance to save £76 in landing fees, the latest news, comment and much more – it’s easy to see why FLYER is the brightest and most-read GA title in the UK!

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